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妙喜庵桜の茶杓 銘「心の友」

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妙喜庵国宝茶室「待庵」の北西側に佇む桜の古木。 20189月京都を襲った台風は各所にその爪痕を残し、この古木の桜もその風力に耐え切れず大きな枝がくず折れることとなりました。あれから4年、しっかりと乾燥した古木は漸く職人の手で新しい命を吹き込まれ、「茶杓」として生まれ変わりました。



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The chashaku is made from an old cherry tree on the northwest side of the National Treasure tea house "Taian" at Myokian. The typhoon that hit Kyoto in September 2018 left scars all over the city, and this old cherry tree could not withstand the force of the wind and large branches were broken off. Four years have passed since then, and the old tree, which has dried well, was finally given a new life by our craftsman and reborn as a "chashaku" (tea scoop).

Title: "Kokoro-no-Tomo" , kindred-spirit

Chasyaku: Cherry (with bark)